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Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions drives down healthcare costs by improving employee health and providing data-driven solutions that produce measurable results. Our system attacks both short and long-term problems with best practice solutions that create sustainable success in the areas of individual health and organizational cost challenges.

Whether you are an employer or health plan, our powerful analytic tools provide the ability to incorporate the same evidence based decision models used throughout the rest of your business to evaluate, track and deliver the most effective health strategies available to your population – strengthening your ability to optimize the dual objectives of controlling costs and providing the highest level of benefits possible.


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Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions targets the specific areas of your health plan representing the greatest cost and financial liability to you and your population now and in the future – including high cost chronic diseases, pharmaceutical drug procurement and sourcing, effective decision-making related to plan design, and validating that the care received is both optimal and adjudicated accurately.

This process-driven strategy of focusing on your health plan’s greatest needs allows you to allocate limited resources in a way that produces the most effective results through a logical progression of assessment, prioritization, intervention, measurement and adjustment. DDHS identifies areas of your health plan where measurable improvement is possible, allowing you to validate results through empirical data, and transparency and determine the most effective options to improve health and generate savings.



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